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EcoPell - Guča is a result of a casual encounter in the virtual world on the topic of „Pellet heating“: all of us had some experience with this heating method, but we were not so satisfied, but we cannot say we were really dissatisfied with what we had, and we just chatted about what could be resolved /done.

Word after word, idea after idea, a random discussion on the burner work logics, deliberation on the technology of fire, and after someone’s casual remark „why don’t we manufacture the burner we want“, turned into research, mediation and study and after exploration, enquiry, examination this resulted in a pellet burner Eco35, the first in the line of what we intend to manufacture in the future in order to make heating easier, cheaper and cleaner, keeping in mind the house, head of the house/housewife and the endangered environment.

Even though the initial idea was not wide market production, but rather manufacturing for a few friends, during the prototype creation and testing, we realized we had made a product which could seriously compete with other manufacturers in every aspect: construction quality, features and primarily price, we decided that EcoPell could be expanded to all those who wanted winter heating to be made easier and environmentally cleaner.

We are especially proud that Eco35 is greatly a domestic product but the augur feed motor and reducers, fuel dosing device, fan and electronic components for the control unit, as well as the C4578 „fireproof stainless steel“ are all imported because Serbia does not produce them. The know-how installed in the electronic control unit is domestic, as well as the research on finding the best solutions. In our plant the metal is cut out on an imported CNC cutter, shaped by our tinsmiths, welded by our welders using foreign welding devices and Cr-electrodes. All in all, according to the European Commission norms, Eco35 is „Made in Serbia“, and „Made in Europe“, because “everything that is not from here is from there”.

Eco35 completely fullfils all European standard requirements of EN 14785, both in construction as well as the combustion characteristics. According to this standard, most of the carbon monoxide (CO) during burning must not exceed 750 mg per natural cubic meter of smoke. Moreover the obtained results are much lower than the prescribed limit, but we can (for now) only be taken for our word: the measurements have been taken in real conditions, in one of our furnaces which was intended and has been heating the house during winter.